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Vang-ER9955          Vang-ER9955
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ISTS4                4th Intl Symp. on Space Sci and Tech. (Tokyo)
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ISTS6-8              6th Intl Symp. on Space Sci and Tech. (Tokyo)
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ISTS8                8th Intl Symp. on Space Sci and Tech. (Tokyo)
ISTS9                9th Intl Symp. on Space Sci and Tech. (Tokyo)
ISTS10               10th Intl Symp. on Space Sci and Tech. (Tokyo)
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Kosmodrom0012        Kosmodrom 2000 No. 12
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Kosmodrom0111        Kosmodrom 2001 No 11
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Kosmodrom9805        Kosmodrom 1998 No. 5
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NK0005-27            NK0005-27
NK0006-08            NK0006-08
NK0006-16            NK0006-16
NK0006-26            NK0006-26
NK0007-32            NK0007-32
NK0007-41            NK0007-41
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NK0008-23            NK0008-23
NK0008-25            NK0008-25
NK0008-35            NK0008-35
NK0008-68            NK0008-68
NK0008-71            NK0008-71
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NK0009-35            NK0009-35
NK0009-45            NK0009-45
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NK0010-17            NK0010-17
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NK0011-36            NK0011-36
NK0011-40            NK0011-40
NK0011-46            NK0011-46
NK0012-22            NK0012-22
NK0012-34            NK0012-34
NK0012-38            NK0012-38
NK0012-43            NK0012-43
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NK0102-35            NK0102-35
NK0103-25            NK0103-25
NK0104-29            NK0104-29
NK0106-30            NK0106-30
NK0106-38            NK0106-38
NK0107-09            NK0107-09
NK0107-22            NK0107-22
NK0107-26            NK0107-26
NK0108-21            NK0108-21
NK0108-23            NK0108-23
NK0109-38            NK0109-38
NK0109-41            NK0109-41
NK0109-45            NK0109-45
NK0110-18            NK0110-18
NK0110-37            NK0110-37
NK0111-06            NK0111-06
NK0112-03            NK0112-03
NK0112-37            NK0112-37
NK0112-45            NK0112-45
NK0201-07            NK0201-07
NK0202-41            NK0202-41
NK0202-45            NK0202-45
NK0203-35            NK0203-35
NK0204-41            NK0204-41
NK0204-71            NK0204-71
NK0205-49            NK0205-49
NK0206-34            NK0206-34
NK0207-30            NK0207-30
NK0207-36            NK0207-36
NK0208-33            NK0208-33
NK0208-36            NK0208-36
NK0208-38            NK0208-38
NK0210-19            NK0210-19
NK0211-40            NK0211-40
NK0212-34            NK0212-34
NK0212-40            NK0212-40
NK0301-07            NK0301-07
NK0301-40            NK0301-40
NK0301-50            NK0301-50
NK0301-54            NK0301-54
NK0302-34            NK0302-34
NK0302-38            NK0302-38
NK0306-02            NK0306-02
NK0306-30            NK0306-30
NK0306-40            NK0306-40
NK0308-28            NK0308-28
NK0308-29            NK0308-29
NK0308-37            NK0308-37
NK0308-42            NK0308-42
NK0309-05            NK0309-05
NK0310-08            NK0310-08
NK0310-22            NK0310-22
NK0310-24            NK0310-24
NK0310-29            NK0310-29
NK0311-36            NK0311-36
NK0312-34            NK0312-34
NK0312-36            NK0312-36
NK0312-44            NK0312-44
NK0401-19            NK0401-19
NK0402-13            NK0402-13
NK0402-17            NK0402-17
NK0402-23            NK0402-23
NK0402-26            NK0402-26
NK0403-09            NK0403-09
NK0403-17            NK0403-17
NK0405-23            NK0405-23
NK0405-28            NK0405-28
NK0406-10            NK0406-10
NK0406-34            NK0406-34
NK0407-08            NK0407-08
NK0407-30            NK0407-30
NK0408-25            NK0408-25
NK0408-27            NK0408-27
NK0408-31            NK0408-31
NK0408-33            NK0408-33
NK9611-46            NK9611-46
NK91-2-4             NK91-2-4
NK91-3               NK91-3
NK91-3-3             NK91-3-3
NK9305-11            NK9305-11
NK9317-20            NK9317-20
NK9317-22            NK9317-22
NK9402-34            NK9402-34
NK9404-41            NK9404-41
NK9420-5             NK9420-5
NK9422-45            NK9422-45
NK9422-46            NK9422-46
NK9422-47            NK9422-47
NK9422-49            NK9422-49
NK95-20-29           NK95-20-29
NK9501-24            NK9501-24
NK9505-47            NK9505-47
NK9506-46            NK9506-46
NK9507-24            NK9507-24
NK9510-30            NK9510-30
NK9515-28            NK9515-28
NK9516-38            NK9516-38
NK9518-35            NK9518-35
NK9518-36            NK9518-36
NK9521-36            NK9521-36
NK9521-43            NK9521-43
NK9523-59            NK9523-59
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NK96-10-65,AVM       NK96-10-65 plus AVM, personal comm.
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NK96-12              NK96-12
NK96-25-41           NK96-25-41
NK96-26-34           NK96-26-34
NK96-26-40           NK96-26-40
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NK9602-24            NK9602-24
NK9604-45            NK9604-45
NK9606-11            NK9606-11
NK9608-29            NK9608-29
NK9609-13            NK9609-13
NK9611-38            NK9611-38
NK9618-23            NK9618-23
NK9618-26            NK9618-26
NK9620-53            NK9620-53
NK9622-25            NK9622-25
NK9626-30            NK9626-30
NK9701-29            NK9701-29
NK9701-40            NK9701-40
NK9703-47            NK9703-47
NK9703-56            NK9703-56
NK9704-54            NK9704-54
NK9705-11            NK9705-11
NK9707-75            NK9707-75
NK9708-30            NK9708-30
NK9708-36            NK9708-36
NK9708-59            NK9708-59
NK9709-63            NK9709-63
NK9710-34            NK9710-34
NK9710-35            NK9710-35
NK9711-18            NK9711-18
NK9711-24            NK9711-24
NK9711-45            NK9711-45
NK9712-20            NK9712-20
NK9713-34            NK9713-34
NK9713-57            NK9713-57
NK9713-61            NK9713-61
NK9713-71            NK9713-71
NK9715-48            NK9715-48
NK9718-55            NK9718-55
NK9718-57            NK9718-57
NK9718-91            NK9718-91
NK9721-34            NK9721-34
NK9721-38            NK9721-38
NK9723-36            NK9723-36
NK9725-35            NK9725-35
NK9726-45            NK9726-45
NK9801-45            NK9801-45
NK9807-46            NK9807-46
NK9809-11            NK9809-11
NK9810-25            NK9810-25
NK9811-03            NK9811-03
NK9811-14            NK9811-14
NK9811-15            NK9811-15
NK9811-23            NK9811-23
NK9814-08            NK9814-08
NK9814-10            NK9814-10
NK9814-26            NK9814-26
NK9815-15            NK9815-15
NK9815-19            NK9815-19
NK9815-25            NK9815-25
NK9815-26            NK9815-26
NK9817-28            NK9817-28
NK9817-36            NK9817-36
NK9817-38            NK9817-38
NK9821-10            NK9821-10
NK9823-01            NK9823-01
NK9823-30            NK9823-30
NK9901-02            NK9901-02
NK9902-17            NK9902-17
NK9902-45            NK9902-45
NK9903-32            NK9903-32
NK9904-03            NK9904-03
NK9904-28            NK9904-28
NK9904-38            NK9904-38
NK9905-01            NK9905-01
NK9905-21            NK9905-21
NK9906-01            NK9906-01
NK9906-09            NK9906-09
NK9906-1             NK9906-1
NK9906-10            NK9906-10
NK9906-11            NK9906-11
NK9906-12            NK9906-12
NK9906-16            NK9906-16
NK9906-19            NK9906-19
NK9907-42            NK9907-42
NK9908-12            NK9908-12
NK9909-05            NK9909-05
NK9909-26            NK9909-26
NK9909-32            NK9909-32
NK9909-34            NK9909-34
NK9909-68            NK9909-68
NK9910-32            NK9910-32
NK9910-34            NK9910-34
NK9910-36            NK9910-36
NK9911-04            NK9911-04
NK9911-08            NK9911-08
NK9911-15            NK9911-15
NK9911-20            NK9911-20
NK9911-24            NK9911-24
NK9912-10            NK9912-10
NK1001-40            NK1001-40
NevskiyBastion9901   Nevskiy Bastion magazine, 1999 No 1
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Quest1-2             Quest Vol 1, No 2
Quest3-1-34          Quest Vol 3 No 1 p34
Quest6-1-45          Quest Vol 6 No 1 p45
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SFLT89-12-411        Spaceflight 1989 No 12, 411
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SFLT38-243           SFLT38-243
SFLT79-446           SFLT79-446
SFLT38-257           Spaceflight vol 38, p 257
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SFLT39-302           SFLT39-302
SFLT40-207           SFLT40-207
SFLT40-28            SFLT40-28
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SN030623-4           SN030623-4
SN03623-4            SN03623-4
SN040830-4           SN040830-4
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SN900416-45          SN900416-45
SN961028-33/Wire     SN961028-33/Wire
SN010507-24          SN010507-24
SN910211-2           SN910211-2
SN910422-1           SN910422-1
SN910715-2           SN910715-2
SN910930-20          SN910930-20
SN911125-7           SN911125-7
SN920406-15          SN920406-15
SN920413-3           SN920413-3
SN920427             Space News, 1992 Apr 27
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SN920907-11          SN920907-11
SN920914-20          SN920914-20
SN921019-11          SN921019-11
SN921130-6           SN921130-6
SN930208-            SN930208-
SN930222-2           SN930222-2
SN930222-7           SN930222-7
SN930531-9           SN930531-9
SN930621-8           SN930621-8
SN930712-4           SN930712-4
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SN950828-8           Space News, 1995 Aug 28, p 8.
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SN960812-11          Space News, 1996 Aug 12, p 11.
SN961028-20          SN961028-20
SN961028-33          SN961028-33
SN970120-2           SN970120-2
SN970331-9           SN970331-9
SN970630-15          SN970630-15
SN980316-10          SN980316-10
SpaceNews030818-15   SpaceNews030818-15
SpaceNews040910-10   SpaceNews040910-10
SN990412-3           SN990412-3
SP-219               NASA SP-219
SP-3095              NASA SP-3095
SP-4010              SP-4010
SP-4016              SP-4016
SP-4022              SP-4022
SP-4201              SP-4201
SP-4205              SP-4205
SP4015               SP4015
SP4401               SP4401
SRJ                  Space Research In Japan
SRJ80                Space Research in Japan, 1980
SRctCon2             Second Sounding Rocket Conference
SRctCon3             SRctCon3
SRctCon5             SRctCon5
SRctCon6             SRctCon6
SRctCon6/err?        SRctCon6/err?
SRctCon67-249        SRctCon67-249
SRctCon67-271        SRctCon67-271
SRctCon67-402        SRctCon67-402
SRctCon67-507        SRctCon67-507
SRctCon67-54         SRctCon67-54
SRctConf67-342       Sounding Rocket Conference 1967, p 342
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SpaceWorld           Space World
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DSI-5850             NOAA Rocketsonde database
KIAM                 Keldysh Institute launch lists, via WWW site (V. Agapov).
MIR.323              Mirnews.323, Chris v.d. Berg
Moraba               DLR Moraba web site,, 2000 Nov.
Seesat-L             Seesat-L email list.
Stein                New Space Network, K. Stein. (via WWW)
VSA                  Sergey A. Voevodin, VSA reports.
VSA030               VSA030
VSA031               VSA031
VSA034               VSA034
VSA070               VSA070
VSA074               Voevodin, S, document VSA 074.
VSA970430            Voevodin, S., 1997 Apr 30, on FSPACE email list.
WDCRF                WDC Rocket File (electronic version, supplied 2001)
WDCRF/Massey         Data combined from WDCRF (with errors) and Massey book
WDCRF/SP4401         Data combined from WDCRF (with errors) and NASA-SP4401
Wentworth            J. Wentworth,, 1997 May 22.
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LR781220             Lompoc Record 1978 Dec 20; also JG9602.
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LR830526             Lompoc Record 1983 May 26.
LR830620             Lompoc Record 1983 Jun 20.
LR830801             Lompoc Record 1983 Aug  1.
LR840206             Lompoc Record 1984 Feb  6.
LR840301             Lompoc Record 1984 Mar  1.
LR840418             Lompoc Record 1984 Apr 18.
LR840613             Lompoc Record 1984 Jun 13.
LR840829             Lompoc Record 1984 Aug 29.
LR840909             Lompoc Record 1984 Sep  9.
LR850208             Lompoc Record 1985 Feb  8.
LR850313             Lompoc Record 1985 Mar 13.
LR850829             Lompoc Record 1985 Aug 29.
LR870212             Lompoc Record 1987 Feb 12.
LR880203             Lompoc Record 1988 Feb  3.
LR881107             Lompoc Record, 1988 Nov 7.
TheHindu040705       TheHindu040705
LasVegasSun          Las Vegas Sun
LeMonde701213        Le Monde, 1970 Dec 13
LeMonde730522        Le Monde, 1973 May 22
NYT610217            -
NYT620413-3          New York Times, 1962 Apr 13 no 3
NYT960909            NYT960909
NYT980723-1          NYT980723-1
NYT980901-1          NYT980901-1
TheHindu991121       The Hindu, 1999 Nov 21 (via WWW).
CR-111987            NASA CR-111987
CR-112251            NASA CR-112251
CR-117547            NASA CR-117547
CR-133401            NASA CR-133401
CR-61175             NASA CR-61175
CR-74067             NASA CR-74067
KHR-1                KSC Historical Report No. 1, 1979, NASA-TM-81106.
KHR-1X               KHR-1, with daylight savings time amended for suspected error.
KSC-PR-69-03         KSC press release
MOR E-610-76-01      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR E-610-76-01
MOR E-641-72-01      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR E-641-72-01
MOR M-491-201-78-03  NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR M-491-201-78-03
MOR M-492-206-83-07  NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR M-492-206-83-07
MOR M-492-206-83-08  NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR M-492-206-83-08
MOR M-492-210-78-2   NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR M-492-210-78-2
MOR M-492-302-77-01  NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR M-492-302-77-01
MOR M-492-302-78-02  NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR M-492-302-78-02
MOR O-492-206-82-05  NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR O-492-206-82-05
MOR R-711-64-04      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR R-711-64-04
MOR R-711-66-05      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR R-711-66-05
MOR R-711-68-06      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR R-711-68-06
MOR R-711-71-01      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR R-711-71-01
MOR R-730-67-01      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR R-730-67-01
MOR R-730-68-02      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR R-730-68-02
MOR R-730-70-03      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR R-730-70-03
MOR S-850-81-03      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR S-850-81-03
MOR S-863-64-02      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR S-863-64-02
MOR S-874-71-02      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR S-874-71-02
MOR S-877-68-01      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR S-877-68-01
MOR S-883-69-03      NASA Mission Operation Report, MOR S-883-69-03
MPR-SAT-FE-73-3      MPR-SAT-FE-73-3
MPR-SAT-FE-73-5      MPR-SAT-FE-73-5
MPR-SAT-FE-74-1      MPR-SAT-FE-74-1
MPR-SAT-WF-61-8      MPR-SAT-WF-61-8
MSC-A-R-66-4         NASA MSC-A-R-66-4
RP-1028              NASA RP-1028
SP-39                NASA SP-39
SP-4004              NASA SP-4004
SP-4005              NASA SP-4005
SP-4006              NASA SP4006
SP-4007              NASA SP-4007
SP-4008              NASA SP-4008
SP-4012              NASA SP4012
SP-4014              NASA SP4014
SP-4015              Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1970. NASA SP-4015.
SP-4017              NASA SP4017
SP-4018              Astronautics and Aeronautics, 1973. NASA SP-4018.
SP-4020              NASA SP-4020
SP-4024              NASA SP-4024
SP-4202              NASA SP-4202
SP-4203              NASA SP-4203
SP-4401              NASA SP-4401, Sounding Rocket Summary
TM-104313            TM-104313
TM-108494            TM-108494
TM-82578             TM-82578
TM-X-72628           TM-X-72628
TM-X-61215           Preisser and Murrow, 3rd Nat. Conf. Aerospace Meteorology, 1968
TN-D-1396            TN-D-1396
TN-D-1449            TN-D-1449
TN-D-1466            TN-D-1466
TN-D-1502            TN-D-1502
TN-D-1506            TN-D-1506
TN-D-1538            TN-D-1538
TN-D-1544            TN-D-1544
TN-D-1611            TN-D-1611
TN-D-1719            TN-D-1719
TN-D-1764            TN-D-1764
TN-D-1818            TN-D-1818
TN-D-1851            TN-D-1851
TN-D-1866            TN-D-1866
TN-D-216             TN-D-216
TN-D-2996            TN-D-2996
TN-D-3930            TN-D-3930
TN-D-4530            TN-D-4530
TN-D-4713            TN-D-4713
TN-D-4905            TN-D-4905
TN-D-976             TN-D-976
TR-1022/TLE          TR-1022/TLE
TR-R-288             TR-R-288
TM-X-2934            NASA TM-X-2934
NASA-TM-X-3487       NASA-TM-X-3487
TM-X-64796           NASA TM-X-64796
TN-D-2053            NASA TN-D-2053
TN-D-2437            NASA TN-D-2437
TN-D-2438            NASA TN-D-2438
TN-D-4284            NASA TN-D-4284
TM-D-4713            NASA TN-D-4713
TN-D-6469            NASA TN-D-6469
TR-1022              NASA TR-1022, Technical Summary of Unmanned Launch Operations
NASA-TR-R131         NASA-TR-R131
TT-F303              NASA TT-F303
NASA-PR64-202        NASA-PR64-202 press release
APL-PR960913         JHU-APL press release PR960913
APL-PR970305         JHU-APL press release PR970305
CALT-PR              CALT, press release.
ESAPR                ESA press release
ESAPR56-95           Press Release, ESA 56-95.
LMSC                 Lockheed Missiles and Space Corp., press release.
NASA-PR91-102        NASA press relesae 91-102
NASA97-113           NASA Press Release 97-113
PL06                 Plesetsk bulletin No. 6
PL27                 PL27
PL28                 PL28
PL38                 PL38
PL39                 PL39
PL40                 PL40
PL55                 PL55
PR/AE960809          Press Releases, Arianespace, 1996 Aug 9.
PR/OSC960730         Press Release, OSC, 1996 Jul 30.
UM                   Various U. Michigan internal reports
VAFB-PAO             Public Affairs Office, Vandenberg AFB
WSMR-PAO             Public Affairs Office, White Sands Missile Range
XPC                  Private communication
AVM                  Vladimir Agapov, private communication.
AVMP                 Vladimir Agapov, private communication.
Barensky,pc          Stefan Barensky, personal communication.
BobAmmons            Bob Ammons,  personal comm. May 2010.
NMSU                 NMSU PSL Pogo papers from Bernie McCune, former NMSU-PSL historian
ChenLan              Chen Lan, personal communication.
Clark                P.S. Clark, personal communication.
Coleman              Coleman Aerospace Corp, personal communication
Desobeau             J-M Desobeau, personal communication
GilMoore             Gil Moore,  personal comm. May 2010.
Grahn-pc             Sven Grahn, personal communication
Henderson            Bruce Henderson, Woomera, personal communication, Jun 1998.
J.A.Hill             J.A. Hill, Personal comm.
JG9602               J. Geiger, personal communication.
Kim9807              Kim, Jhoon, KARI, personal communication.
Krebs                G. Krebs, web site and personal communication
Lissov               Igor Lissov, personal communication
McDonald-B-priv      B. McDonald, personal communication
LissovC              Igor Lissov, forwarded from Chinese on-line sources.
Insprucker           Insprucker, John, personal comm.
O'Callaghan          G. O'Callaghan, personal communication.
PC/Ransom960912      Martin Ransom, personal communication.
PH                   Peter Hunter,  personal communication.
PH960801             Data from J. Pritchard via P. Hunter, letter of 1996 Aug 1.
Pitfield19           Data from RAE via John Pitfield
Pitfield             Data via John Pitfield
Powell               Powell, Joel, personal communication
PSC                  P.S. Clark, personal communication.
RajNotes             Gopal Raj,  personal communication.
RM                   Dick Martin, private files via Peter Hunter.
Rigg                 Carl Rigg, personal communication.
Rosenberg            Rosenberg, E, personal communication.
Scala                Keith Scala,  personal communication.
Serra                J-J. Serra, personal communication; and listings.
Serra/COSPAR         National reports to COSPAR, as quoted by J-J. Serra.
Siddiqi              A. Siddiqi, personal communication
SSC25                SSC 25th anniversary report, as cited by Joel Powell, personal comm.
Tiziou               Jacques Tiziou, personal files.
Todd,D-pc            David Todd, personal communication.
Waldron              Harry Waldron, personal communication.
Zak                  Anatoliy Zak, personal communication
Zak06                Anatoly Zak, Nonprofileration Review 13, 143, 2006
Zhelez               Aleksandr Zheleznyakov, personal communication
anik_nsf             Andrey Krasil'nikov posting on
Wire                 Wire service and TV news reports.
AP941221             AP, 1994 Dec 21.
AP960731             AP, 1996 Jul 31.
INTERFAX960716       INTERFAX, 1996 Jul 16
TASS950608           TASS950608
TASS950905           TASS, 1995 Sep 5.
TASS951010           TASS951010
TASS961004           TASS961004
TASS970117           TASS970117
AD666744             Project Harp, report on Nov 1965 testing series.
Wroughton            Documents at Science Museum, Wroughton (Black Arrow files)
AE-TV                Arianespace launch broadcast.
AVMN                 Vladimir Agapov, posting on SeeSat-L and other lists.
GSFC-Bldg2Wall       Poster on wall of GSFC building 2, ca. 2001
JCM                  In JSR private files; original reference mislaid.
JCM-R1               Note: Assumed close in time to Aerobee launch; rough estimate Crab lunar occultation lasts about 10 min
JCM-P                Author's personal observation of launch.
AK13                 Andrey Krasnil'nikov, List of Russian Space Launches,, 2013.
AK15                 Andrey Krasil'nikov's launch log, 2015 edition
AK16                 Andrey Krasil'nikov's launch log, 2016 edition
RPC                  private communication from Russian sources; not confirmed.
RPCA                 private communication from Russian sources.
RPCB                 private communication from Russian sources, Mar 2016.
TLE                  Calculated by the author based on TLE orbital data.
SAOLab               Lab notebooks, Meteor project, SAO Plate Stacks collection (ST camera;SK; SL camera book 10L)
SAOLab/SL65-67       Camera SL, Lab book 1965-67, SAO Plate Stacks (SAO Meteor Project/Meteor Trail Operation Record)
MSTIProgRev          MSTI Program Review slides, Sep 1994
WWW                  Unspecified WWW site
crista.uni-wup       Posting by Harald (Lutz?) on the MMR-06 launches from Zingst.  
AND-WWW    , Andoya Rocket Range
PL-WWW      (obsolete)
designation-systems  designation-systems
rocketservices       rocketservices
rusaerog             rusaerog 
thehindubusinessline thehindubusinessline    
www.timmerman2000    www.timmerman2000
www.tsenki.ocm       www.tsenki.ocm
nsf-koenn            Database (author unknown) posted on by R. Koenn on 2008 Dec 20.
Note01               Serial numbers for the launches on this day may be swapped; launch times from nsf-koenn and serials from Cleary
AA61-0124            AA61-0124
AA62-0048            AA62-0048
AASH26-371           AASH26-371 (AAS History Series)
AASH27-19            AASH27-19
AASH27-295           AASH27-295
AASH28-455           AASH28-455
AASH30-125           AASH30-125
AASH30-239           AASH30-239
AASH30-9             AASH30-9
AAp162,292           AAp162,292 (Astronomy and Astrophysics)
AAp258,555           AAp258,555
AAp48,235            AAp48,235
AAp50,371            AAp50,371
AAp61,635            AAp61,635
AAp69,145            AAp69,145
AD-437681            AD-437681
AD-A283521           AD-A283521
AD-A955411           AD-A955411
AD-A995428           AD-A995428
AD/A-005589          AD/A-005589
AD266714             AD266714
AD272754             AD272754
AD403534             AD403534
AD649116             AD649116
ADS                  Astrophysics Data System
AFCRL-68-0009        AFCRL-68-0009
AFCRL-68-0418        AFCRL-68-0418
AFCRL-68-0622        AFCRL-68-0622
AFCRL-69-0241        AFCRL-69-0241
AFCRL-70-0150        AFCRL-70-0150
AFCRL-TG248          AFCRL-TG248
AFCRL-TR-73-0412     AFCRL-TR-73-0412
AFCRL-TR-74-0572     AFCRL-TR-74-0572
AFCRL66-157          AFCRL66-157
AFGL-TR-80-0278      AFGL-TR-80-0278
AFGL-TR-81-0111      AFGL-TR-81-0111
AFGL-TR-83-0055      AFGL-TR-83-0055
AFCRL-68-0132        AFCRL-68-0132
AFWL-TR-68-132       AFWL-TR-68-132
AIAA                 AIAA
AIAA-79-1064         AIAA-79-1064
AIAA-92-5053         AIAA-92-5053
AIAA2005-3297        AIAA2005-3297
AIAA2009-7293        AIAA2009-7293
AIAA70-1395          AIAA70-1395
AIAA80-1385          AIAA80-1385
AIAA86-2511          AIAA86-2511
AIAA99-4849          AIAA99-4849
AJ70,321             AJ70,321
AJ90,375             AJ90,375
AND/IJRadioSP3,128   AND/IJRadioSP3,128
AP                   Associate Press wire
ARC-Pamphlet         ARC-Pamphlet
ARCNews1-11          ARCNews1-11
ARPA-TR-DAT-1-66     ARPA-TR-DAT-1-66
ASE-1372             ASE-1372
ASE-2017             ASE-2017
ASE-3062             AS&E 1972, Program of High Res. X-ray Astronomy
ASI79-1              ASI79-1
ASR14,9,113          ASR14,9,113 [Advances in Space Research]
ASR18,6,335          ASR18,6,335
ASR2,10,195          ASR2,10,195
ASR2,10,63           ASR2,10,63
ASR2,10,93           ASR2,10,93
ASR37,1091           ASR37,1091
ASR4,4,153           ASR4,4,153
ASR5,4,205           ASR5,4,205
ASR5,7,35            ASR5,7,35
ASR5,7,39            ASR5,7,39
ASR7,10,47           ASR7,10,47
ASR8,1,79            ASR8,1,79
ASR8,197             ASR8,197
AWST060313-18        AWST060313-18
AWST071029-17        AWST071029-17
AWST660404-69        AWST660404-69
AWST660613-100       AWST660613-100
AWST890327-34        AWST890327-34
AWST891002-22        AWST891002-22
AWST900101-40        AWST900101-40
AWST900416-25        AWST900416-25
AWST900521-34        AWST900521-34
AWST910506-69        AWST910506-69
ActaA61,534          ActaA61,534
AdvSpaRes10,10,123   AdvSpaRes10,10,123
AeChina2008-5        AeChina2008-5
AnAp31,597           AnAp31,597
AndersonDlyBul590423 AndersonDlyBul590423
AnnGeoph18,141       AnnGeoph18,141
ApJ127,67            ApJ127,67
ApJ175,493           ApJ175,493
ApJ178,377           ApJ178,377
ApJ201,L15           ApJ201,L15
ApJ202,L15           ApJ202,L15
ApJ202,L21           ApJ202,L21
ApJ205,426           ApJ205,426
ApJ222,365           ApJ222,365
ApJ222,L95           ApJ222,L95
ApJ227,884           ApJ227,884
ApJ234,415           ApJ234,415
ApJ292,687           ApJ292,687
ApJ391,L81           ApJ391,L81
ApJ430,568           ApJ430,568
ApJ521,920           ApJ521,920
ApplOpt10,1043       ApplOpt10,1043
ApplOpt23,2327       ApplOpt23,2327
ApplOpt5,1732        ApplOpt5,1732
ApplOpt9,4,903       ApplOpt9,4,903
Astronautics6107     Astronautics6107
BAAS31,1537          BAAS31,1537
BMDS-TestList        BMDS-TestList
BRL-CON169           BRL-CON169
BRL-MR1771           BRL-MR1771
BRL-MR1825           BRL-MR1825
BRL-TN1657           BRL-TN1657
BT-1040.04           BT-1040.04
BT1037.21            BT1037.21
Bell                 Bell
Bumper4Rpt           Bumper4Rpt
Bumper5Rpt           Bumper5Rpt
Bumper6RPt           Bumper6RPt
CD-82513             CD-82513
CIAWMD               CIAWMD
CNES/SR8,444         CNES/SR8,444
COSPAR2006           COSPAR2006
COSPAR2006-A-00253   COSPAR2006-A-00253
CP-2071              CP-2071
CR-1529              CR-1529
CR-163494            CR-163494
CR-218               CR-218
CR-61238             CR-61238
CR-68050             CR-68050
CR-70324             CR-70324
CR-70506             CR-70506
CR-76317             CR-76317
CR-76500             CR-76500
CR-76571             CR-76571
CR-77312             CR-77312
CR-77710             CR-77710
CR-78234             CR-78234
CR-79096             CR-79096
CR-81705             CR-81705
CR-88008             CR-88008
CWSSV                CWSSV
CanJPhys44,2948      CanJPhys44,2948
CanJPhys64,1412      CanJPhys64,1412
CanJPhys64,1426      CanJPhys64,1426
CanJPhys67,82        CanJPhys67,82
Chertok              Chertok
Chertok3             Chertok3
ChicagoDlyHer890915  ChicagoDlyHer890915
Corp-Hist            Corp-Hist
CurrSci89,475        CurrSci89,475
DCI-NID-880301       DCI-NID-880301
DEFE7.2160           DEFE7.2160
DNA-4369F            DNA-4369F
DNA-TR-91-132        DNA-TR-91-132
DNA-TR-95-68         DNA-TR-95-68
DOE/EA-0492          DOE/EA-0492
DOMINIC              DOMINIC
DTIC                 DTIC
DailySentinel670929  DailySentinel670929
Delo/Siddiqi         Delo/Siddiqi
DeseretNews650203    DeseretNews650203
ECOM-5030            ECOM-5030
ECOM-5105            ECOM-5105
ECOM-5588            ECOM-5588
ESA-SP-530           ESA-SP-530
ESA-SP152-269/AND    ESA-SP152-269/AND
ESA-SP152-301/AND    ESA-SP152-301/AND
ESA-SP152-9          ESA-SP152-9
ESA-SP160-325        ESA-SP160-325
ESA-SP317-381        ESA-SP317-381
ESA-SP317-75         ESA-SP317-75
ESA-SP355-123        ESA-SP355-123
ESA-SP355-45         ESA-SP355-45
ESA-SP647-241        ESA-SP647-241
ESA-TN-132           ESA-TN-132
ESASP590-167         ESASP590-167
ESRO-SP-67           ESRO-SP-67
ESRO-SP-76           ESRO-SP-76
ESRO-SP-77           ESRO-SP-77
ESRO-SP-79           ESRO-SP-79
ESRO-SP77            ESRO-SP77
ESRO-SP78            ESRO-SP78
ESRO-SP80            ESRO-SP80
ETR/UM               ETR/UM
ElPasoHeraldPo       ElPasoHeraldPo
ElPasoHeraldPo/MST?  ElPasoHeraldPo/MST?
ElPasoTimes640709    ElPasoTimes640709
Envelope             Envelope
FC                   FC
FC/UM-HA             FC/UM-HA
FC/WI-PR64-7         FC/WI-PR64-7
FI640723-162         FI640723-162
FirstDayCov          FirstDayCov
FirstDayCover        FirstDayCover
FlashFlight22        FlashFlight22
FresnoBee590228      FresnoBee590228
GAN Post720710       GAN Post720710
GDC/BKF67-035        GDC/BKF67-035
GE-635D823           GE-635D823
GRL2,285             GRL2,285
GRL24,1667           GRL24,1667
GRL24,1691           GRL24,1691
GRL31,L19807         GRL31,L19807
GRL4,75              GRL4,75
GeomagAeron35,515    GeomagAeron35,515
Goldberg,etal        Goldberg,etal
Grahn,pc             Grahn,pc
HAER-NikeAK          HAER-NikeAK
Hollinger04          Hollinger04
IAA-00-IAA.2.03      IAA-00-IAA.2.03
IAC-02-IAA.2.3.01    IAC-02-IAA.2.3.01
IAC-05.E4.3.02       IAC-05.E4.3.02
IAC-06-E4.4-05       IAC-06-E4.4-05
IAC-4-IAF-J.5.05     IAC-4-IAF-J.5.05
IAC03-IIA2.3.05      IAC03-IIA2.3.05
IAUS36,274           IAUS36,274
ICRC5,3039           ICRC5,3039
IEEE-NS19,1,628      IEEE-NS19,1,628
IHJ-History          IHJ-History
IJRSP10,16           IJRSP10,16
IJRSP10,197          IJRSP10,197
IJRSP15,125          IJRSP15,125
IJRSP15,412          IJRSP15,412
IJRSP16,215          IJRSP16,215
IJRSP16,25           IJRSP16,25
IJRSP18,224          IJRSP18,224
IJRSP19,215          IJRSP19,215
IJRSP19,29           IJRSP19,29
IJRSP24,35           IJRSP24,35
IJRSP6,281           IJRSP6,281
IJRSP7,90            IJRSP7,90
IJSRP13,48           IJSRP13,48
IJSRP18,224          IJSRP18,224
INS                  INS
ISRJ                 ISRJ
ISRJ20-480,JRRL13,75 ISRJ20-480,JRRL13,75
ISRO-poster          ISRO-poster
ISRO93-94            ISRO93-94
ISROReport2006       ISROReport2006
InsideWallops061807  InsideWallops061807
JASTP63,1831         JASTP63,1831
JATP41,1171          JATP41,1171
JATP52,815           JATP52,815
JAircraft6705-265    JAircraft6705-265
JAircraft6901-74     JAircraft6901-74
JApMet4,238          JApMet4,238
JAtSci26,874         JAtSci26,874
JAtSci33,659/FC      JAtSci33,659/FC
JAtSci33,695         JAtSci33,695
JGR100,A9,17265      JGR100,A9,17265
JGR100,D5,9209       JGR100,D5,9209
JGR101,7917          JGR101,7917
JGR102,11557         JGR102,11557
JGR102,26179         JGR102,26179
JGR103,23399         JGR103,23399
JGR105,23025         JGR105,23025
JGR110,A04309        JGR110,A04309
JGR61,45             JGR61,45
JGR61,77             JGR61,77
JGR68,6208           JGR68,6208
JGR73,299            JGR73,299
JGR73,3353           JGR73,3353
JGR73,4813           JGR73,4813
JGR74,351            JGR74,351
JGR78,1107           JGR78,1107
JGR78,1608           JGR78,1608
JGR78,2010           JGR78,2010
JGR78,2265           JGR78,2265
JGR78,258            JGR78,258
JGR78,7023           JGR78,7023
JGR78,746            JGR78,746
JGR78,8033           JGR78,8033
JGR78.6140           JGR78.6140
JGR82,5073           JGR82,5073
JGR86,A3,1437        JGR86,A3,1437
JGR91,A6,7079        JGR91,A6,7079
JGR91,D13,14521      JGR91,D13,14521
JGR92,239            JGR92,239
JGR92,D5,5573        JGR92,D5,5573
JGR94,D2,2239        JGR94,D2,2239
JGR95,4113           JGR95,4113
JJSerra              JJSerra
JPL-CBS1             JPL-CBS1
JPL-CBS3             JPL-CBS3
JScR24,444           JScR24,444
JScR43,105           JScR43,105
JScR43,186           JScR43,186
JScR6,460            JScR6,460
JScR6,495            JScR6,495
JanesIR              JanesIR
KPNO/ApJ195,643      KPNO/ApJ195,643
LR880906             LR880906
LawtonCon630418      LawtonCon630418
LawtonCon640319      LawtonCon640319
LawtonConst611217    LawtonConst611217
LawtonConst650528    LawtonConst650528
LawtonConst660720    LawtonConst660720
LincolnLabJ12,383    LincolnLabJ12,383
Lissov/TLE           Lissov/TLE
LongBeachInd620309   LongBeachInd620309
LongBeachInd660712   LongBeachInd660712
LowellSun601104      LowellSun601104
MAPH26               MAPH26
MKRS                 MKRS
MM-newsletter        MM-newsletter
MMariettaNews040125  MMariettaNews040125
MN178,57P            MN178,57P
MR600516-12          MR600516-12
MR600627-17          MR600627-17
MR600801-23          MR600801-23
MR601212-11          MR601212-11
MR610522-16          MR610522-16
MR610605-21          MR610605-21
MR610703-43          MR610703-43
MR610925-10          MR610925-10
MR620101-7           MR620101-7
MR620212-24          MR620212-24
MR620312-10          MR620312-10
MR620319-11          MR620319-11
MR620409-10          MR620409-10
MR620416-10          MR620416-10
MR620507-10          MR620507-10
MR620514-10          MR620514-10
MR620723-10          MR620723-10
MR620903-10          MR620903-10
MR621008-10          MR621008-10
MR621029-5           MR621029-5
MR621112-10          MR621112-10
MR621119-9           MR621119-9
MR621210-12          MR621210-12
MR630318-10/Wire     MR630318-10
MR630826-14          MR630826-14
MR630902-10          MR630902-10
MR630930-18          MR630930-18
MR631007-20/Wire     MR631007-20
MR631021-13          MR631021-13
MR631028-12          MR631028-12
MR631104-10          MR631104-10
MR631104-11          MR631104-11
MR631125-19/UPI      MR631125-19
MR631125-28/Wire     MR631125-28
MR641221-21          MR641221-21
MR650309-10/Wire     MR650309-10
MR670515-16/Wire     MR670515-16
MRN54                MRN54
MS5-65               MS5-65
McCandliss,pc        McCandliss,pc
Mishap-86-4-18-701   Mishap-86-4-18-701
Missileer48,21       Missileer48,21
MitAG58,89           MitAG58,89
MoWxRev88,187        MoWxRev88,187
MoWxRev88,191        MoWxRev88,191
MoWxRev97,607        MoWxRev97,607
MoabTInd710819       MoabTInd710819
MoabTIndep640604     MoabTIndep640604
MoabTIndep641001     MoabTIndep641001
MoabTIndep641008     MoabTIndep641008
MoabTIndep650218     MoabTIndep650218
MoabTIndep650624     MoabTIndep650624
MoabTIndep650916     MoabTIndep650916
MoabTIndep680627     MoabTIndep680627
MoabTIndep681219     MoabTIndep681219
MoabTIndep690501     MoabTIndep690501
MoabTIndep690911     MoabTIndep690911
MoabTIndep701001     MoabTIndep701001
MoabTIndep710114     MoabTIndep710114
MoabTIndep710408     MoabTIndep710408
MoabTIndep710422     MoabTIndep710422
MoabTIndep710520     MoabTIndep710520
MoabTIndep710617     MoabTIndep710617
MorrowPines          MorrowPines
Moulin-Serra         Moulin-Serra
Moulin/Serra         Moulin/Serra
Mugu-PR              Mugu-PR
NAS-PR78-93          NAS-PR78-93
NASA-PR              NASA-PR
NASA-PR-60-259A      NASA-PR-60-259A
NASA-PR60-145        NASA-PR60-145
NASA-PR60-158        NASA-PR60-158
NASA-PR61-27         NASA-PR61-27
NASA-PR78-93         NASA-PR78-93
NASA-PR95-68         NASA-PR95-68
NASA-TV              NASA-TV
NASDA-PR             NASDA-PR
NHercHistory         NHercHistory
NIE13-8-71           NIE13-8-71
NIE13-8-74           NIE13-8-74
NJ0805-42            NJ0805-42
NK-FORUM             NK-FORUM
NK0409-27            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0409-27
NK0410-07            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0410-07
NK0410-25            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0410-25
NK0411-39            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0411-39
NK0411-40            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0411-40
NK0412-02            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0412-02
NK0412-32            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0412-32
NK0412-37            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0412-37
NK0501-25            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0501-25
NK0502-11            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0502-11
NK0502-21            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0502-21
NK0502-36            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0502-36
NK0503-17            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0503-17
NK0503-43            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0503-43
NK0504-06            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0504-06
NK0504-27            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0504-27
NK0505-06            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0505-06
NK0505-11            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0505-11
NK0506-01            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0506-01
NK0506-68            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0506-68
NK0507-17            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0507-17
NK0508-01            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0508-01
NK0508-08            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0508-08
NK0508-09            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0508-09
NK0508-16            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0508-16
NK0510-11            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0510-11
NK0510-13            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0510-13
NK0510-16            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0510-16
NK0511-03            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0511-03
NK0511-06            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0511-06
NK0511-14            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0511-14
NK0512-02            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0512-02
NK0512-32            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0512-32
NK0512-34            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0512-34
NK0601-01            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0601-01
NK0601-08            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0601-08
NK0602-13            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0602-13
NK0602-24            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0602-24
NK0602-32            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0602-32
NK0602-36            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0602-36
NK0602-38            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0602-38
NK0604-03            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0604-03
NK0604-10            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0604-10
NK0605-01            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0605-01
NK0606-17            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0606-17
NK0606-32            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0606-32
NK0606-40            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0606-40
NK0607-35            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0607-35
NK0607-39            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0607-39
NK0608-01            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0608-01
NK0608-06            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0608-06
NK0608-10            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0608-10
NK0608-13            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0608-13
NK0608-25            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0608-25
NK0609-39            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0609-39
NK0609-41            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0609-41
NK0609-44            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0609-44
NK0609-52            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0609-52
NK0610-27            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0610-27
NK0611-16            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0611-16
NK0611-37            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0611-37
NK0612-01            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0612-01
NK0612-16            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0612-16
NK0612-25            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0612-25
NK0701-10            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0701-10
NK0702-19            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0702-19
NK0702-26            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0702-26
NK0702-44            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0702-44
NK0706-32            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0706-32
NK0706-68            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0706-68
NK0707-04            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0707-04
NK0707-23            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0707-23
NK0707-70            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0707-70
NK0708-23            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0708-23
NK0708-29            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0708-29
NK0708-36            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0708-36
NK0709-16            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0709-16
NK0709-19            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0709-19
NK0709-36            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0709-36
NK0710-18            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0710-18
NK0711-16            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0711-16
NK0711-19            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0711-19
NK0712-01            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0712-01
NK0712-35            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0712-35
NK0801-26            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0801-26
NK0802-12            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0802-12
NK0802-25            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0802-25
NK0802-33            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0802-33
NK0803-30            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0803-30
NK0803-35            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0803-35
NK0804-09            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0804-09
NK0804-36            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0804-36
NK0805-37            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0805-37
NK0805-44            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0805-44
NK0806-38            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0806-38
NK0807-25            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0807-25
NK0807-32            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0807-32
NK0807-33            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0807-33
NK0808-43            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0808-43
NK0808-50            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0808-50
NK0809-31            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0809-31
NK0809-34            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0809-34
NK0810-30            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0810-30
NK0810-33            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0810-33
NK0811-33            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0811-33
NK0811-34            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0811-34
NK0811-35            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0811-35
NK0812-02            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0812-02
NK0812-32            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0812-32
NK0901-20            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0901-20
NK0901-37            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0901-37
NK0902-34            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0902-34
NK0902-35            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0902-35
NK0902-39            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0902-39
NK0904-06            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0904-06
NK0904-14            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0904-14
NK0904-23            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0904-23
NK0904-37            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0904-37
NK0905-38            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0905-38
NK0906-18            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0906-18
NK0906-35            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0906-35
NK0906-38            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0906-38
NK0907-03            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0907-03
NK0907-08            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0907-08
NK0907-40            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0907-40
NK0907-46            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0907-46
NK0909-36            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0909-36
NK0911-22            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0911-22
NK0911-34            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0911-34
NK0911-41            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 0911-41
NK1001-03            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 1001-03
NK1001-23            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 1001-23
NK1001-26            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 1001-26
NK1001-35            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 1001-35
NK1003-12            Novosti Kosmonavtiki 1003-12
NK1004-1             Novosti Kosmonavtiki 1004-1
NRL-5825             NRL-5825
NRL-6865             NRL-6865
NRL-7105             NRL-7105
NRL-8061             NRL-8061
NRL-FR-7105          NRL-FR-7105
NRL-FR-8121          NRL-FR-8121
NRL-FR6507           NRL-FR6507
NRL-MR-3649          NRL-MR-3649
NRL-MR-4112          NRL-MR-4112
NRL/FR/8105-93-9546  NRL/FR/8105-93-9546
NSPO-WWW             NSPO-WWW
NTSB-MIA96SA223      NTSB-MIA96SA223
NYT870722            NYT870722
NatPS229,144         NatPS229,144
NatPS231,52          NatPS231,52
NatPS236,104         NatPS236,104
Nature179,861        Nature179,861
Nature215,38         Nature215,38
Nature222,728        Nature222,728
Nature229,248        Nature229,248
Nature252,683        Nature252,683
Nature4932,587       Nature4932,587
NaturePS231,11       NaturePS231,11
NaturePS234,149      NaturePS234,149
NaturePS234,25       NaturePS234,25
NaturePS241,79       NaturePS241,79
NewHorizons6,1       NewHorizons6,1
Newell/JGR61,251     Newell/JGR61,251
Newell/UM-FS         Newell/UM-FS
Newell/UM-HA-6       Newell/UM-HA-6
Nike-Hist            Nike-Hist
Nike-History         Nike-History
OIF-TAMD             OIF-TAMD
OaklandTrib590322    OaklandTrib590322
OaklandTrib610817    OaklandTrib610817
OneontaStar611116    OneontaStar611116
PMR-TM-65-2          PMR-TM-65-2
PP                   PP
PRL27,1154           PRL27,1154
PRL65,537            PRL65,537
PSLDocs              PSLDocs
PSLHist              PSLHist
PasaInd600825        PasaInd600825
Pervov-RKO           Pervov-RKO
PhysRev99,198        PhysRev99,198
PlanSpSci16,929      PlanSpSci16,929
PlanSpaSci1,161      PlanSpaSci1,161
PlanSpaSci12,1173    PlanSpaSci12,1173
PlanSpaSci18,1307    PlanSpaSci18,1307
PlanSpaSci21,879     PlanSpaSci21,879
PlanSpacSci38,547    PlanSpacSci38,547
PlanSpaceSci1,227    PlanSpaceSci1,227
PlanSpaceSci1,396    PlanSpaceSci1,396
PlanSpaceSci14,677   PlanSpaceSci14,677
PlanSpaceSci22,67    PlanSpaceSci22,67
ProcInNSA48,A3       ProcInNSA48,A3
ProcInNSA48,A3,494   ProcInNSA48,A3,494
ProcInNSA48,A3,506   ProcInNSA48,A3,506
ProcRSocA317,101     ProcRSocA317,101
QJRMS98,668          QJRMS98,668
Quest16,2,41         Quest16,2,41
RAE/MAX              RAE/MAX
RDP78T05439          RDP78T05439
RISRJ                RISRJ
ROTW2004             ROTW2004
RSA-HJ-History       RSA-HJ-History
RST-1-report         RST-1-report
RadioSci1,170        RadioSci1,170
SFLT15,392           Spaceflight 15,392
SFLT2-183            Spaceflight 2-183
SN060417-02          SN060417-02 Space News
SN891009-1           SN891009-1
SN900416-37          SN900416-37
SN900430-11          SN900430-11
SN900430-17          SN900430-17
SN900903-9           SN900903-9
SP-109               NASA SP-109
SP-175               SP-175
SP-176               SP-176
SP-231               SP-231
SP-252               SP-252
SP-264               SP-264
SPC-KH-211-5         SPC-KH-211-5
SR-VII               SR-VII  Space Research (COSPAR)
SR-VII,934           SR-VII,934
SR-VII-1020          SR-VII-1020
SR-VII-1050          SR-VII-1050
SR-VII-1167          SR-VII-1167
SR-VII-140           SR-VII-140
SR-VII-186           SR-VII-186
SR-VII-407           SR-VII-407
SR-VII-428           SR-VII-428
SR-VII-977           SR-VII-977
SR1,215              SR1,215
SR10,208             SR10,208
SR10,248             SR10,248
SR10,272             SR10,272
SR10,295             SR10,295
SR10,532             SR10,532
SR10,561             SR10,561
SR10,736             SR10,736
SR10,751             SR10,751
SR10,825             SR10,825
SR10,876             SR10,876
SR10,891             SR10,891
SR11,1063            SR11,1063
SR11,1071            SR11,1071
SR11,1131            SR11,1131
SR11,1181            SR11,1181
SR11,781             SR11,781
SR11,830             SR11,830
SR11,875             SR11,875
SR11,893             SR11,893
SR11,924             SR11,924
SR12,1305            SR12,1305
SR12,1321            SR12,1321
SR12,1329            SR12,1329
SR12,1437            SR12,1437
SR12,1459            SR12,1459
SR12,529             SR12,529
SR12,607             SR12,607
SR13,1113            SR13,1113
SR13,1127            SR13,1127
SR13,191             SR13,191
SR13,449             SR13,449
SR13,503             SR13,503
SR13,575             SR13,575
SR13,787             SR13,787
SR14,119             SR14,119
SR14,233             SR14,233
SR14,343             SR14,343
SR14,81              SR14,81
SR14,97              SR14,97
SR15,143             SR15,143
SR15,199             SR15,199
SR15,227             SR15,227
SR15,237             SR15,237
SR15,247             SR15,247
SR15,251             SR15,251
SR15,393             SR15,393
SR15,491             SR15,491
SR15.237             SR15.237
SR16,111             SR16,111
SR16,301             SR16,301
SR16,327             SR16,327
SR16,351             SR16,351
SR16,355             SR16,355
SR16,393             SR16,393
SR16,407             SR16,407
SR16,445             SR16,445
SR16,503             SR16,503
SR16,509             SR16,509
SR16,631             SR16,631
SR16,803             SR16,803
SR16.509             SR16.509
SR17,191             SR17,191
SR17,321             SR17,321
SR17,457             SR17,457
SR17,465             SR17,465
SR17,515             SR17,515
SR19,111             SR19,111
SR19,127             SR19,127
SR19,133             SR19,133
SR19,143             SR19,143
SR19,173             SR19,173
SR2,1049             SR2,1049
SR2,1141             SR2,1141
SR2,609              SR2,609
SR2-1125             SR2-1125
SR20,123             SR20,123
SR20,149             SR20,149
SR20,75              SR20,75
SR20,79              SR20,79
SR4,304              SR4,304
SR4,759              SR4,759
SR5,1112             SR5,1112
SR5,1124             SR5,1124
SR5,706              SR5,706
SR5,719              SR5,719
SR6,132              SR6,132
SR8,430              SR8,430
SR8,459              SR8,459
SR8-178              SR8-178
SR8-195              SR8-195
SR8-325              SR8-325
SR8-328              SR8-328
SR8-346              SR8-346
SR8-617              SR8-617
SR8-823              SR8-823
SR8-845              SR8-845
SR8-865              SR8-865
SR8-871              SR8-871
SR8-955              SR8-955
SR9,231              SR9,231
SR9,279              SR9,279
SR9,329              SR9,329
SR9,343              SR9,343
SR9,363              SR9,363
SR9-393              SR9-393
SRCON7-162           SRCON7-162
SRJ/ESA-SP317-381    SRJ/ESA-SP317-381
SRJ1990              SRJ1990
SRJ90                SRJ90
SRVII-140            SRVII-140
SaltLakeTrib640206   SaltLakeTrib640206
SaltLakeTrib641107   SaltLakeTrib641107
SaltLakeTrib700712   SaltLakeTrib700712
SaltLakeTrib700805   SaltLakeTrib700805
SaltLakeTrib700916   SaltLakeTrib700916
SaltLakeTrib700918   SaltLakeTrib700918
SaltLakeTrib710428   SaltLakeTrib710428
SaltLakeTrib720927   SaltLakeTrib720927
SanMateoTimes590917  SanMateoTimes590917
Serra,pc             Serra,pc
SevernayaNed080917   SevernayaNed080917
Sirrs                Sirrs
SkepInq0901-35       SkepInq0901-35
SolarPhys9,358       SolarPhys9,358
SpaSciInst1,377      SpaSciInst1,377
SpaSciInst1,91       SpaSciInst1,91
SpaceIndia9304       SpaceIndia9304
SpaceWorld6111-33    SpaceWorld6111-33
SpaceWorld6804-18    SpaceWorld6804-18
SpeedBallRpt         SpeedBallRpt
SpeedballRpt         SpeedballRpt
StarsStripes910417   StarsStripes910417
StratoCirc,453       StratoCirc,453
SunAdvocate700430    SunAdvocate700430
SunAdvocate720323    SunAdvocate720323
SunAdvocate730405    SunAdvocate730405
Sven                 Sven
TASS                 TASS
TLE/AVM              TLE/AVM
TM-78275             TM-78275
TM-X-1298            TM-X-1298
TM-X-1346            TM-X-1346
TM-X-1414            TM-X-1414
TM-X-1451            TM-X-1451
TM-X-1484            TM-X-1484
TM-X-1499            TM-X-1499
TM-X-1542            TM-X-1542
TM-X-1575            TM-X-1575
TM-X-1623            TM-X-1623
TM-X-1924            TM-X-1924
TM-X-50740           TM-X-50740
TM-X-53303           TM-X-53303
TM-X-54957           TM-X-54957
TM-X-55075           TM-X-55075
TM-X-55101           TM-X-55101
TM-X-55174           TM-X-55174
TM-X-55318           TM-X-55318
TM-X-55429           TM-X-55429
TM-X-55447           TM-X-55447
TM-X-55494           TM-X-55494
TM-X-55519           TM-X-55519
TM-X-55549           TM-X-55549
TM-X-55642           TM-X-55642
TM-X-56564           TM-X-56564
TM-X-56664           TM-X-56664
TM-X-82433           TM-X-82433
TN-68076             TN-68076
TN-D-2183            TN-D-2183
TN-D-2354            TN-D-2354
TN-D-2383            TN-D-2383
TN-D-2468            TN-D-2468
TN-D-2937            TN-D-2937
TN-D-2964            TN-D-2964
TN-D-2972            TN-D-2972
TN-D-3289            TN-D-3289
TN-D-4365            TN-D-4365
TN-D-4880            TN-D-4880
TN-D-4937            TN-D-4937
TN-D-4943            TN-D-4943
TN-D-5615            TN-D-5615
TN-D-5796            TN-D-5796
TN-D-6746            TN-D-6746
TN-D-6861            TN-D-6861
TNSpace57            TNSpace57
TR-HSE-0199          TR-HSE-0199
Taras                Taras
TheHindu100115       TheHindu100115
TroyTimesRec590521   TroyTimesRec590521
TucsonDly741014-1h   TucsonDly741014-1h
TucsonDlyCit590523   TucsonDlyCit590523
UARS                 UARS
UKMOD-PR             UKMOD-PR
UM-HA-6/UM-FS        UM-HA-6/UM-FS
UM-YB                UM-YB
UM2027.42/5789       UM2027.42/5789
UNMOVIC              UNMOVIC
UPI                  UPI
UPI/MR621001-12      UPI/MR621001-12
USNIP                USNIP
Ulivi                Ulivi
WDC-1972             WDC-1972
WI-PR-64-65          WI-PR-64-65  Wallops press release
WI-PR-65-38          WI-PR-65-38
WI-PR-65-4           WI-PR-65-4
WI-PR-66-16          WI-PR-66-16
WI-PR-66-25          WI-PR-66-25
WI-PR-66-34          WI-PR-66-34
WI-PR-66-43          WI-PR-66-43
WI-PR-79-6           WI-PR-79-6
WI-PR621211          WI-PR621211
WI-PR621213          WI-PR621213
WI-PR63-41           WI-PR63-41
WI-PR63-43           WI-PR63-43
WI-PR63-7            WI-PR63-7
WI-PR64-11           WI-PR64-11
WI-PR64-67/SP-109    WI-PR64-67/SP-109
WI-PR68-12           WI-PR68-12
WI-PR69-12           WI-PR69-12
WI-PR69-18           WI-PR69-18
WI-PR69-5            WI-PR69-5
WI-PR69-7            WI-PR69-7
WI-PR69-9            WI-PR69-9
WI-PR70-10           WI-PR70-10
WI-PR70-2            WI-PR70-2
WI-PR70-21           WI-PR70-21
WI-PR75-14           WI-PR75-14
WI-PR75-2            WI-PR75-2
WI-PR78-21           WI-PR78-21
WI-PR79-6            WI-PR79-6
WI-PR81-10           WI-PR81-10
WI-PR81-12           WI-PR81-12
WI-PR81-16           WI-PR81-16
WI-PR81-3            WI-PR81-3
WI-PR81-4            WI-PR81-4
WI-PR82-3            WI-PR82-3
WI-PR82-4            WI-PR82-4
WIPR83-4             WIPR83-4
WIPR83-7             WIPR83-7
WIPR83-9             WIPR83-9
WIPR84-1             WIPR84-1
WPost940512          WPost940512
WRCRF/Massey         WRCRF/Massey
WS-TM55              WS-TM55
WSMR                 WSMR
WSMR-ARC-98.122.003  WSMR-ARC-98.122.003
WSMRgr681108         White Sands Missile Ranger 681108
WSMRgr700501         White Sands Missile Ranger 700501
WSMRgr700717         White Sands Missile Ranger 700717
WSMRgr701016         White Sands Missile Ranger 701016
WSMRgr701106         White Sands Missile Ranger 701106
WSMRgr701127         White Sands Missile Ranger 701127
WSMRgr710430         White Sands Missile Ranger 710430
WSMRgr710611         White Sands Missile Ranger 710611
WSMRgr720421         White Sands Missile Ranger 720421
WSMRgr720623         White Sands Missile Ranger 720623
WSMRgr720929         White Sands Missile Ranger 720929
WSMRgr730928         White Sands Missile Ranger 730928
WSRM-AR              WSRM-AR
WallopsNL080505      Wallops Newsletter, 080505
WindSand651015       WindSand651015
Zaloga               Zaloga
ZalogaScud           ZalogaScud
environment-hawaii   environment-hawaii                     
thehindubusinessline  thehindubusinessline.    AKDT AKDT 
AIAA2006-59451       AIAA2006-59451
ApJ                  ApJ
ApJ195,643           ApJ195,643
C                    C
COSPAR               COSPAR
DOE                  DOE
Desind,Wire          Desind,Wire
ESRO-TR-9            ESRO-TR-9
ETR,Wire             ETR,Wire
GDC                  GDC
IJRadioSP3,128       IJRadioSP3,128
JAtSci33,659         JAtSci33,659
JGR                  JGR
JGR61,251            JGR61,251
MAX                  MAX
MM                   MM
MR631007-20          MR631007-20
MR631125-19          MR631125-19
MR631125-28          MR631125-28
MST?                 MST?
Moulin               Moulin
NRL                  NRL
Neufeld              Neufeld
PC                   PC
PR                   PR
SR1,599              SR1,599
SR2,1021             SR2,1021
SR8,444              SR8,444
Stars&Stripes        Stars&Stripes
UM-FS                UM-FS
UM-HA                UM-HA
UM-HA-6              UM-HA-6
UM2027.42            UM2027.42
VB158                VB158
VB159                VB159
VB160                VB160
VB161                VB161
VB162                VB162
VB170                VB170
VB171                VB171
VB172                VB172
VB173                VB173
VB174                VB174
WI-PR64-67           WI-PR64-67
WI-PR64-7            WI-PR64-7
WRCRF                WRCRF
Wire(+3h)            Wire(+3h)
Wire(EDT)            Wire(EDT)
Wire(EST)            Wire(EST)
Wire(EST?)           Wire(EST?)
Wire(Jun10?)         Wire(Jun10?)
Wire(MDT)            Wire(MDT)
Wire(MST)            Wire(MST)
Wire(MST?)           Wire(MST?)
Wire(PDT)            Wire(PDT)
Wire(PDT?)           Wire(PDT?)
Wire(PST)            Wire(PST)
Wire(assumeEDT)      Wire(assumeEDT)
Wire(night)          Wire(night)
Wire(orOct23?)       Wire(orOct23?)
Wire(pm              Wire(pm
Wire(sunrise)        Wire(sunrise)
Wire(thisweek)       Wire(thisweek)
WirePDT              WirePDT
WirePST              WirePST
corr                 corr
ire                   ire                 -
pc                   pc
wire                 wire
www,      www,
DDNote               Handwritten notebook showing Agena launch information, privately shared
Ulrich               Ulrich Brocks, private correspondence
Stat                 Approximate date deduced from known counts of this type of launch vehicle by a given date.
CDBMD                Chronology of the Development of BMD
DAHS82               Dept. of the Army Historical Summary, FY 1982
Stats                Launch inferred for total launch statistics for this launch vehicle - added to make the numbers add up.
ClearyArmy06         Cleary, Mark: Army Ballistic Missile Programs at Cape Canaveral 1953-1988 (45SW History Office, 2006)
AFETR3859            AFETR: Chronology of AMR and AFETR 1938-1959
AFETR6069            AFETR: Chronology of AMR and AFETR 1960-1969
SAND99-2278          1998 Annual Site Environmental Report, Sandia Labs
MetIssled23,30       Brezgin, N. et al, 1977, Meteorologicheskiye Isseldovanie, 23, 30.
AeronEarthAI         Aeronomy of the Earth's atmosphere and ionosphere  edited by Mangalathayil Ali. Abdu, Dora Pancheva, 2011
Evteev               Evteev, I, Operezhaya Vremya (Bioinformservis, 1999) - 85th anniversary of Chelomei
WRRS2012             Wallops Research Range Services, 2012 Annual Report (
EatingGrass          Khan, F.H.,2012, Eating Grass (Stanford UP), Ch. 12
ESRLV                'List of all rocket launches from Esrange Space Center', DOX-RBE-\#87867-v3 document on, 2014.
RC97                 Revankar, C and Chakravarty, S., Middle Atmospheric Data Directory, 1997 (
Carveth-1406         Carol Carveth, personal communication. (Carveth is the grad student who worked on VeSpR).
ElecPhen3,305        Fowler, C and Altgilbers, L. in Electromagnetic Phenomena, V.3, No. 3, 2003, p 305
Atom7,9              Ionospheric Birdseed, The Atom, Vol 7, 9, Oct 1970
Orthicon             Image Orthicon Demonstration Project, HQ 1st Strategic Aerospace Division, 1965.
CohetesINTA          Simon Calero, J and Sanz-Aranguez Sanz, P., Los cohetes en el INTA. (INTA, 2012).
ElAren               M. Vazquez Velasco, De El Arenosillo al CEDEA (INTA, 2010).
BML                  Baykonur Missile Launches, Excel document provided by Russian source, 2014.
RML                  Russian Missile Launches, document provided by Russian source, 2019.
RTE-FTR              Roll Torque Evaluation Vehicle Postflight Test Report, Sandia 1976.
AFCRL69-0282         Rocket Instrumentation for PCA Measurements, Burt 1969, Utah U.
LRPGD-TR1            LRPGD Tech Report 1, Bumper Missiles 7 and 8
AFCRL67-0343         Development of a Gerdien Condenser, Utah UARL Sci Report. No 8, 1967
SAND63               Sandia Corporation Monthly Reports 1958-1963, LASL Report Library summary
ArcasFinal           FInal Report, Devpt. of the Arcas Rocketsonde System
UMSphere             AFCRL71-0571, Analysis of Mylar Falling Spheres, F.Fishbach et al, 1971 (U. Michigan).
OTRAGBrochure        OTRAG brochure, ca. 1977  (courtesy of Ulrich Brocks).
EngSci1.58           F. Zwicky, Engineering and Science, Jan 1958.
AusPL                Australian parliamentary documents,
JARE14               Report of the Wintering Party of the 14th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition - Antarctic Record 53, 106
MNIPR9,87            Memoirs of NIPR, Special Issue 9, 87.
Blamont              Les Debuts de la Recherche Spatiale Francaise, J. Blamont.
DeLeon               Historia de la actividad espacial en la Argentina, Pablo de Leon
RRSR2015             NASA Wallops, Research Range Services annual report, 2015
EuropaBlog , 2017
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X17FR                Roy R.W and Foster R.A., X-17 Final Report, AFMTC, 10 May 1957
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DKS                  Minuteman document archive, via David K. Stumpf.
An2015               An, H.J., 2015, GaTech PHD thesis: National Aspirations, Imagined Futures, and Space Exploration: the Origin and Develop
VScrolls             LMSC-B254093, Vandenberg Agena listing (nicknamed 'The Dead Sea Scrolls'), 16 Mar 1970.
SDSC-SR              List of Sounding Rocket Launches from Sriharikota,
BHRI                 Brief History of Rocketry in India, PV Manoranjan Rao, P Radhakrishnan.
NPL88-89             NPL Annual Report 1988-89  (National Physical Lab, Delhi)
KubarevMPD           Kubarev, Yu., 2012. Design of megawatt-class electroreactive engines for interplanetary flights. http://www.expertclub.r
PPK10                Pilotiruemie Poleti v Kosmos, Vol 1, No. 10, ed.  S. Krikalev, 2014.
Rummler.pc           T. Rummler, Sandia Labs, personal communication.
Sandlas              Sandlas, V.P., Insider's Account of ISRO, Harper Collins 2018.
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OSCTargList          Data file on target launches, Orbital Sciences, Jun 2011.
AAS07-091            O'Donnell Jr, J., et al 2007, Space Technology 5 Launch and Operations, 30th AAS Guidance and Control Conf.
1STRAD               1STRAD History   
AASH26-74            AAS History Series, v26, p-74
AASH32-377           AAS History Series, v32, p-377
AASH32-379           AAS History Series, v32, p-379
AASH33-143           AAS History Series, v33, p-143
AD-842577            AD-842577
AD-A-005589          AD-A-005589
AD0363166            AD0363166
AD273758             AD273758
AD7833848            AD7833848
AD839949             AD839949
AD841975             AD841975
AD842102             AD842102
AD843132             AD843132
ADA051077            ADA051077
ADCMemo              ADCMemo
AE960809             AE960809
AFCRL-67-0659        AFCRL-67-0659
AFCRL-72-0005        AFCRL-72-0005
AFCRL-TR-76-0057     AFCRL-TR-76-0057
AFCRL67              AFCRL67
AFCRL72-0472         AFCRL72-0472
AFFDL-TR-67-25       AFFDL-TR-67-25
AFGL-TR-87-0139      AFGL-TR-87-0139
AFP                  Agence France-Presse
AFRL_VS-TR-2001-1099 AFRL_VS-TR-2001-1099
AGU2001              AGU2001
AIAA-SR4             AIAA 4th Sounding Rocket Conference
AIAA2012-1088        AIAA2012-1088
AJP27,401            AJP27,401
AK12                 AK12
AK15,corrected       AK15,corrected
AUS-PR71             AUS-PR71
AWST041206-22        Aviation Week, 20041206-22
AWST110613-25        Aviation Week, 20110613-25
AWST160620-34        Aviation Week, 20160620-34
AWST200518-37        Aviation Week, 20200518-37
AWST670227-40        Aviation Week, 19670227-40
AWST690127-16        Aviation Week, 19690127-16
AWST711206-23        Aviation Week, 19711206-23
AWST801215-19        Aviation Week, 19801215-19
AdvSpR38,2388        AdvSpR38,2388
AeAe1961             AeAe1961
AeronRept101         AeronRept101
AeronRpt78           AeronRpt78
AeronRpt80           AeronRpt80
AeronRpt83-1         AeronRpt83-1
Ak15                 Ak15
AlbqTrib001016       AlbqTrib001016
AlbqTrib971117       AlbqTrib971117
AlbuquerqueJ680501   AlbuquerqueJ680501
Anik                 A. Krasilnikov, private comm.
AnnGeo2,487          AnnGeo2,487
AnnGeo20,342         AnnGeo20,342
AnnGeo20,367         AnnGeo20,367
ApJ167,L33           ApJ167,L33
ApJ174,529           ApJ174,529
ApJ177,219           ApJ177,219
ApJ180,L55           ApJ180,L55
ApJ183,L63           ApJ183,L63
ApJ202,L9            ApJ202,L9
ApJ208,718           ApJ208,718
ApJ222,L13           ApJ222,L13
ApJ266,L65           ApJ266,L65
ApJ680,328           ApJ680,328
ApSpSci92,317        ApSpSci92,317
AsianAlmanac14       AsianAlmanac14
AtlasD               AtlasD
BAAS13,912           BAAS13,912
BKF67-035            BKF67-035
BMDO                 BMDO
BMLX                 BMLX
BRL-1187             BRL-1187
BRL-1825             BRL-1825
BYE15929-71          BYE15929-71
Bakersfield          Bakersfield
BatteryBDoc          BatteryBDoc
Bell-NH              Bell-NH
BillingsGaz570919    BillingsGaz570919
Brugge               Brugge
BythevilleCN         BythevilleCN
CNES-PR              CNES-PR
CNESPR               CNESPR
COSPAR95             COSPAR95
CR-130123            CR-130123
CR-2968              CR-2968
CR-86314             CR-86314
CR147194             CR147194
ChiTrib630830        ChiTrib630830
ChronBMD             ChronBMD
Cleary06             Cleary06
Cleary09             Cleary09
ClovisNewsJ          ClovisNewsJ
Combat,590311        Combat,590311
CommandAndControl    CommandAndControl
CorporalHist         CorporalHist
CteeSA1959           CteeSA1959
CumberlandET580418   CumberlandET580418
CurrSci99,1,10       CurrSci99,1,10
DKS-Boeing           DKS-Boeing
DNA-6006F            DNA-6006F
DailyInd580117       DailyInd580117
DailyNewsLA930715    DailyNewsLA930715
DaysOfChallenge      DaysOfChallenge
Delo,Z10             Delo,Z10
DenverPost           DenverPost
DeseretNews          DeseretNews
DeseretNews841114    DeseretNews841114
DoSAnnRpt97-43       DoSAnnRpt97-43
EA-0492              EA-0492
ESA-PAC92-AnnexI     ESA-PAC92-AnnexI
ESR                  ESR
EarthPlanSp50,745    EarthPlanSp50,745
ElPasoHerPost611026  ElPasoHerPost611026
ElPasoHerPost620717  ElPasoHerPost620717
ElPasoHerPost620808  ElPasoHerPost620808
ElPasoHeraldP680306  ElPasoHeraldP680306
Elias                Elias
FB                   FB
FDC                  FDC
FER-AS504            FER-AS504
FER-AS505            FER-AS505
FI601104-717         FI601104-717
FI630801-177         FI630801-177
FI700716-98          FI700716-98
FI810808             FI810808
FNER                 FNER
FR                   FR
FT3                  FT3
FarmingtonDailyT     FarmingtonDailyT
GAMHEX-G2            GAMHEX-G2
GRL3,339             GRL3,339
Hindu131121          Hindu131121
ICRC9                ICRC9
IEEE.TrNSci38,1622   IEEE.TrNSci38,1622
IGY                  IGY
IISS-IR              IISS-IR
IMS78-4              IMS78-4
IQSYInterim1         IQSYInterim1
ISAS-Doc312          ISAS-Doc312
ISAS-Doc316          ISAS-Doc316
ISAS-Doc320          ISAS-Doc320
ISAS-Doc379          ISAS-Doc379
ISAS-Doc456          ISAS-Doc456
ISAS-Doc464          ISAS-Doc464
ISAS-SES-K578        ISAS-SES-K578
ISASBull             ISASBull
ISASDoc312           ISASDoc312
ISASNews2007.1       ISASNews2007.1
IndianAv41.9         IndianAv41.9
JASTP73,2444         JASTP73,2444
JASTP75,98           JASTP75,98
JATP49,485           JATP49,485
JBIS24,27            JBIS24,27
JBIS24,393           JBIS24,393
JBIS25,61            JBIS25,61
JBIS28,245           JBIS28,245
JBIS35,271           JBIS35,271
JBIS38,39            JBIS38,39
JDW121219            JDW121219
JGG31-435            JGG31-435
JGG32,551            JGG32,551
JGG40,763            JGG40,763
JGG49,1257           JGG49,1257
JGR101,D2,4033       JGR101,D2,4033
JGR112,A06312        JGR112,A06312
JGR115,A11308        JGR115,A11308
JGR69,1367           JGR69,1367
JGR69,3755           JGR69,3755
JGR75,859            JGR75,859
JGR79,1299           JGR79,1299
JGR82,1876           JGR82,1876
JGR82,2613           JGR82,2613
JGR82.1876           JGR82.1876
JGR83,A9,4377        JGR83,A9,4377
JGR85,A10,5113       JGR85,A10,5113
JGR86,A7,5601        JGR86,A7,5601
JGR87.7228           JGR87.7228
JGR88,1468           JGR88,1468
JGeomagG28-343       JGeomagG28-343
JPost130110          JPost130110
Jane's               Jane's
JaneIntellRev        JaneIntellRev
KCNA                 KCNA
KI13,517             KI13,517
KI13,940             KI13,940
KI16,310             KI16,310
KI16,394             KI16,394
KI16,626             KI16,626
KI18,290             KI18,290
KI19,314             KI19,314
KI19,576             KI19,576
KI19,641             KI19,641
KI20,776             KI20,776
KI22,406             KI22,406
KI24,794             KI24,794
KI26,475             KI26,475
KI29,722             KI29,722
KY60                 KY60
KellyKorreck,pc      KellyKorreck,pc
LA-4947              LA-4947
LATimes              LATimes
LBPress-Tel          LBPress-Tel
LMSD-2595            LMSD-2595
LR740301             LR740301
LRPGD-TR1  t         LRPGD-TR1  t
LRRC.pdf             LRRC.pdf
LasCrucesSunNews     LasCrucesSunNews
LawtonConst590119    LawtonConst590119
LawtonConst590216    LawtonConst590216
LompocR              LompocR
LompocRec            LompocRec
LompocRecord         LompocRecord
LompocRecord700805   LompocRecord700805
M3S2-6-Brochure      M3S2-6-Brochure
MDABudget04          MDABudget04
MK1101-20            MK1101-20
MNIPR18,275          MNIPR18,275
MNIPR18,453          MNIPR18,453
MNIPR22,185          MNIPR22,185
MNIPR22,196          MNIPR22,196
MSD-0203             MSD-0203
MU4S-304             MU4S-304
Mendenhall-PhD       Mendenhall-PhD
MilwaukeeJ571210     MilwaukeeJ571210
MilwaukeeSen570831   MilwaukeeSen570831
Misc                 Misc
MissileRanger        MissileRanger
MissileRanger690418  MissileRanger690418
MissileRanger720519  MissileRanger720519
MissileRanger720616  MissileRanger720616
MissileRanger730622  MissileRanger730622
MissileRanger731012  MissileRanger731012
MissileRanger741129  MissileRanger741129
MissileRanger760507  MissileRanger760507
MissileRanger770520  MissileRanger770520
MissileRanger770603  MissileRanger770603
MissileRanger791116  MissileRanger791116
MissileRanger791207  MissileRanger791207
MissileRanger880520  MissileRanger880520
Moses,pc             Moses,pc
NAVWEPS-8738         NAVWEPS-8738
NH-Bell              NH-Bell
NK0205-40            NK0205-40
NK1005-15            NK1005-15
NK1005-21            NK1005-21
NK1006-1             NK1006-1
NK1006-21            NK1006-21
NK1006-45            NK1006-45
NK1006-51            NK1006-51
NK1006-53            NK1006-53
NK1008-16            NK1008-16
NK1008-22            NK1008-22
NK1008-32            NK1008-32
NK1008-36            NK1008-36
NK1011-06            NK1011-06
NK1011-18            NK1011-18
NK1011-25            NK1011-25
NK1011-37            NK1011-37
NK1012-01            NK1012-01
NK1012-28            NK1012-28
NK1012-30            NK1012-30
NK1101-26            NK1101-26
NK1102-12            NK1102-12
NK1103-14            NK1103-14
NK1103-26            NK1103-26
NK1103-37            NK1103-37
NK1104-26            NK1104-26
NK1104-31            NK1104-31
NK1106-20            NK1106-20
NK1106-33            NK1106-33
NK1107-28            NK1107-28
NK1107-35            NK1107-35
NK1108-19            NK1108-19
NK1108-28            NK1108-28
NK1108-47            NK1108-47
NK1109-29            NK1109-29
NK1109-34            NK1109-34
NK1109-39            NK1109-39
NK1110-09            NK1110-09
NK1111-34            NK1111-34
NK1111-39            NK1111-39
NK1112-08            NK1112-08
NK1202-02            NK1202-02
NK1202-21            NK1202-21
NK1205-24            NK1205-24
NK1208-28            NK1208-28
NK1211-28            NK1211-28
NK1301-26            NK1301-26
NK1304-23            NK1304-23
NK1308-34            NK1308-34
NK1310-31            NK1310-31
NK1310-39            NK1310-39
NK1402-55            NK1402-55
NK1407-39            NK1407-39
NK1502-34            NK1502-34
NK1507-69            NK1507-69
NK1508-22            NK1508-22
NK1508-33            NK1508-33
NK9322-23            NK9322-23
NK9516-48            NK9516-48
NOAA-Hussey79        NOAA-Hussey79
NOTS4                NOTS4
NPL89-90             NPL89-90
NRL4276              NRL4276
NSMU                 NSMU
NSP-ACV83-12         NSP-ACV83-12
NYT121212            NYT121212
NYT130222            NYT130222
NYT660320            NYT660320
NYT700610            NYT700610
NYT821120            NYT821120
Nature296,133        Nature296,133
NavalAvNewsOct63     NavalAvNewsOct63
Nike-AjaxHist        Nike-AjaxHist
NikeAjaxHist         NikeAjaxHist
OARReview5           OARReview5
OSC-PR               OSC-PR
OSC960730            OSC960730
OcalaStar571022      OcalaStar571022
OgdenStEx631129      OgdenStEx631129
OgdenStdExam         OgdenStdExam
OrlandoSen860625     OrlandoSen860625
OrlandoSen870325     OrlandoSen870325
OrlandoSen950120     OrlandoSen950120
OrlandoSentinel      OrlandoSentinel
OxnardPC570910       OxnardPC570910
PASP59,32            PASP59,32
PER1112              PER1112
PER1114              PER1114
PER1115              PER1115
PER4018              PER4018
PET4022              PET4022
PFlat                PFlat
PL-TR-95-2110        PL-TR-95-2110
PMHist67             PMHist67
PMRHiist64           PMRHiist64
PMRHist65            PMRHist65
PMRHist67            PMRHist67
PMRHist68            PMRHist68
PalmBeachPost570627  PalmBeachPost570627
PhilInq              PhilInq
Pittfield            Pittfield
PlanSpaSci21,1237    PlanSpaSci21,1237
PlanSpaSci21,165     PlanSpaSci21,165
PlanSpaSci21,239     PlanSpaSci21,239
PlanSpaSci21,653     PlanSpaSci21,653
PolarArcsRept        PolarArcsRept
PostalCover          PostalCover
PravdaSevera141029   PravdaSevera141029
PressCourier621210   PressCourier621210
PressCourier910313   PressCourier910313
ProcIAS90,173        ProcIAS90,173
ProjBlueBook         ProjBlueBook
QJRAS13,403          QJRAS13,403
RAEX                 RAEX
RFX                  RFX
RIgg                 RIgg
RML  (RPCAJul25]     RML  (RPCAJul25]
RML  [RPCAJan27]     RML  [RPCAJan27]
RMOL                 RMOL
RP-1053              RP-1053
RadioSci21,141       RadioSci21,141
Ransom960912         Ransom960912
RedlandsDF           RedlandsDF
Redwing              Redwing
RevGeo26,519         RevGeo26,519
Rocketeer621221-7    Rocketeer621221-7
RoswellDailyR871111  RoswellDailyR871111
SACMissileChron      SACMissileChron
SAMOS                SAMOS
SAMSO-K243.012V1     SAMSO-K243.012V1
SAND2000-3070        SAND2000-3070
SAND90-8211          SAND90-8211
SCA7                 SCA7
SDSC_SR              SDSC_SR
SFChron851114        SFChron851114
SFLT16-463           SFLT16-463
SFLT18-399           SFLT18-399
SFLT31-150           SFLT31-150
SIPRI                SIPRI
SL6-67               SL6-67
SLA-73-0565          SLA-73-0565
SMT                  SMT
SN180727             SN180727
SN181206             SN181206
SN900409             SN900409
SN941112-13          SN941112-13
SP-4023              SP-4023
SP4016               SP4016
SRCON3               SRCON3
SW2001               SW2001
SaltLakeTrib651022   SaltLakeTrib651022
SanJoseMerc          SanJoseMerc
SanJoseMerc890927    SanJoseMerc890927
SandNews590710       SandNews590710
SandNews630329       SandNews630329
SandNews631220       SandNews631220
SandNews640327       SandNews640327
SandNews650312       SandNews650312
SandNews700619       SandNews700619
SandNews8002         SandNews8002
SandNews801031       SandNews801031
SandNews810123       SandNews810123
SandNews830415       SandNews830415
Sandia2010           Sandia2010
Sandia2011           Sandia2011
SandiaASER99         SandiaASER99
SandiaNews570809     SandiaNews570809
SandiaNews7712       SandiaNews7712
SantaAnaReg750808-54 SantaAnaReg750808-54
SantaFeNMxican610921 SantaFeNMxican610921
SantaMariaT960309    SantaMariaT960309
SarasotaHT620413     SarasotaHT620413
SarasotaJnl670117    SarasotaJnl670117
SciInSp68,4 46       SciInSp68,4 46
SciIndSpat4          SciIndSpat4
Siddiqi,pc2010       Siddiqi,pc2010
SkuaM27Rpt           SkuaM27Rpt
SoPh15,288           SoPh15,288
SoPh27,280           SoPh27,280
SoPh8,53             SoPh8,53
SpacePolicy7.72      SpacePolicy7.72
StPetTimes580625     StPetTimes580625
StPeteTimes690108    StPeteTimes690108
StPeteTimes700509    StPeteTimes700509
StarNews890824       StarNews890824
Stares               Stares
SvenGrahn            SvenGrahn
Swanson96            Swanson96
TM-69365             TM-69365
TM-79712             TM-79712
TM-X-1474            TM-X-1474
TM-X-64758           TM-X-64758
TM-X-65777           TM-X-65777
TM-X-760             TM-X-760
TM-X-907             TM-X-907
TMX70450             TMX70450
TN-D-1694            TN-D-1694
TN-D-3359            TN-D-3359
TN-D-4741            TN-D-4741
TN-D-7692            TN-D-7692
TR-3720295           TR-3720295
TT-F-10315           TT-F-10315
TT-F-17507           TT-F-17507
TT-F-303             TT-F-303
TT-F-303-p422        TT-F-303-p422
TT-F-303-p425        TT-F-303-p425
TX-M-55429           TX-M-55429
Taillade             Taillade
TalInbar             TalInbar
TampaBayTimes        TampaBayTimes
Tellus17,1           Tellus17,1
TimesOfIndia920829   TimesOfIndia920829
TiziouCollection     TiziouCollection
TriCityHerald580508  TriCityHerald580508
TucsonCit961009      TucsonCit961009
UN                   UN
UN.S                 UN.S
UPD                  UPD
UQ                   UQ
USAFChron            USAFChron
USCOSPAR1971         USCOSPAR1971
USCOSPAR67-81        USCOSPAR67-81
Ulrick               Ulrick
Unconfirmed          Unconfirmed
UpperAirSummary      UpperAirSummary
VonBraun58-8         VonBraun58-8
WDCDF                WDCDF
WFF Facebook         WFF Facebook
WIre                 WIre
WRE-TN-SAD184        WRE-TN-SAD184
WRE-TN1403           WRE-TN1403
WRE-TN988            WRE-TN988
WRE-TR-1828          WRE-TR-1828
WRE-TR-1921          WRE-TR-1921
WRE-TR1816           WRE-TR1816
WS117L-571           WS117L-571
WSMR-AR              WSMR-AR
WSMR-Archive         WSMR-Archive
WSMR-archive         WSMR-archive
WSRL-0004-TR         WSRL-0004-TR
WSRL-0012-TR         WSRL-0012-TR
WSRM-archive         WSRM-archive
Weltraumfahrt63-4    Weltraumfahrt63-4
WichitaFTImes        WichitaFTImes
Wikileaks            Wikileaks
WindAndSand600422    WindAndSand600422
WindAndSand831209    WindAndSand831209
WindSand600212       WindSand600212
WindSand640807       WindSand640807
Wire(DST?)           Wire(DST?)
Wire571220           Wire571220
YT                   YT
Youtube              Youtube 
am)                  am)
armadilloaerospace.  armadilloaerospace.
armscontrolwonk      armscontrolwonk   
bernd-leitenberger.d bernd-leitenberger.d     
coloradospacenews    coloradospacenews     
dtic                 dtic         
facebook             facebook    
garnaev.livejournal  garnaev.livejournal  
honoluluadvertiser   honoluluadvertiser   
itan3Review          itan3Review    
mda-budget           mda-budget         
novosti-kosmonavtiki novosti-kosmonavtiki     
panoramaespacial     panoramaespacial
raytheon.mediaroom   raytheon.mediaroom 
rscience.gsfc        rscience.gsfc   
sattrackcam.blogspot sattrackcam.blogspot     
twitter              twitter    
wikipedia            wikipedia
wsmr-archive         wsmr-archive     
yallasouriya         yallasouriya
youtube              youtube  
HDLCSG               Document: Historique des Lancements de 1979 a...
KMRHist79            Annual Historical Review, Kwajalein Missile Range, 1 Oct 1979-30 Sep 1980
ChGraRain            Changing Gravity's Rainbow, Wilkes, van Hahn and Hayes 1991
HT7.1                Hardtack - Report of the Commander Task Group 7.1
96C-HartGoldwater    Recent False Alerts from the Nation's Missile Warning Attack System, 96th Congress Ctee Report, Sen. Hart, Sen. Goldwate