GCAT: General Catalog of Artificial Space Objects

Jonathan C. McDowell

The launch vehicle list

GCAT Release 1.5.5 (2024 May 5) | Data Update 2024 Jul 19

Launch Vehicle List

The LV (launch vehicle) list has the following fields: The following vehicle types are defined: (number of examples is from the 2003 release and has not been updated)
DDeep Space launch
OOrbital vehicle
RResearch rocket
VReentry test vehicle
XExoatmospheric test
YExoatmospheric weather rocket
AEndoatmospheric missile
CCruise missile
QEndoatmospheric reentry test
TEndoatmospheric test/research
WEndoatmospheric weather rocket

These types for individual launch vehicle types are slightly more finely divided than those used for the Family/Stage datafile: apart from the use of O rather than L, the R category is broken up to include V, X and Y subtypes and the T/A category is joined by the Q type. Note that the A,C,Q,T,W types of rocket never enter space (by my 80 km definition).